A conscious approach to incubating and accelerating impact projects

Crises the world over are showing that humanity is at a crossroads. Nowhere is this more evident than in the existing profit-above-all-else business models risking the very sustainability of life on Earth.

Now more than ever, we need innovative projects that lead to a conscious expression of our true human nature in business.

Paradigming is a consciousness-in-business incubator and accelerator. Our diverse advisory team is eager to co-design, co-create and co-manifest your vision for a more heart-centred, connected business world.

We are looking for ideas with purpose, impacting communities and the world, either in business, non-profit or community projects, that we can help bring to light.

What we offer

Paradigming is currently in beta mode. We are offering a selected few individuals or groups the opportunity to benefit from our Into Coherency incubating program FREE OF CHARGE.

You will:

  • Undergo a 360 discovery and design assessment of your impact project
  • Draw insights from individual and group conversations with each of our team members
  • Have the opportunity to deliver and refine your pitch deck, and possibly have it shared among our network of impact investors
  • Receive integrated recommendations and next steps to implement your plan

Start the conversation that will unlock the full potential of your impact-based project

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Paradigming will send you an Information and Application Package for our beta Wholistic Perspectives Program upon our assessment of your Expression of Interest. Applications are reviewed and decisions are made of a rolling basis. Non-disclosure agreements may be available upon acceptance, depending on the individual circumstances of the impact project.

Who we are

Yvette Bethel is an award-winning author, a preferred partner at Six Secods and founder and CEO of the IFB Global Network. She has deep expertise in corporate organizational cultures, consulting for large multinational corporations.

Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski is an economist by training and consultant by trade. His expertise ranges from data to insights to strategy to delivery, and has advised private companies and public sector organizations on strategic, operational and financial matters for large infrastructure projects, social programs and number-one government priorities.

Michael Landers is the founder and president of Culture Crossing Inc., a global consulting company dedicated to finding innovative solutions for leaders and teams working in multicultural contexts. His workshops, seminars, and speaking events have drawn more than 100,000 people on five continents. He is also the author of the bestselling book Culture Crossing, the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities.

Bastianela Gloria a spiritual evolution specialist, a spiritual intelligence thought leader and expert, a long-time yogi, and a researcher of consciousness. She has deep expertise in the mechanics of spiritual evolution and is the author of The Ascension Blueprint©. Bastianela is coaching and mentoring clients to undergo the shift from ego to soul, apply spiritual intelligence, and sustain spiritual awareness in their personal and professional lives so they can find deeper meaning, fulfill their purpose and make their highest impact.

Ajené Wilcoxson has a Doctorate in Multifaith Theology and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. He is an experienced college professor of entrepreneurship, a student of Logotherapy, and a guide in Spiritual Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence. Ajené focuses on developing an S(EQ) Mindset with his clients. He facilitates inspirational talks and workshops, but his passion and foundation are living and teaching how to experience a centered, spiritually, emotionally intelligent life.